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Being Black or Latino has become pre-existing for poor health outcomes among southside communities in Chicago. Pollution along the industrial passages of disinvested commerce sickens residents. We aim to raise Mental and Physical Health outcomes that currently are 8-13% below the Westside of Chicago.

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Tension, stress, and depression are more common in Chicago than ever before.   Marginalized Minorities no longer trust Government. Politics and Promises shaved “good feelings”. Violence and Social ills plague a City that begs residents to “fake it until they make it. Plastic smiles behind a practice of political incest have destroyed minority businesses, resources, schools, and the contiguous communities that surround them.  What is left is a dying City in peril ravaged by confusion, destruction, fear, and eroding supports where far too few Government Branches try to hold up the rest.


SWACLO is a “FUNDI” Trust Network positioned as an Intelligent Community Accelerator that educates, trains, and prepares youth in marginalized communities with evidence to put the “LIT” Civic Education. Improve Behavioral, Mental, and Social Health outcomes through “trust partnership networks”. Civic “illiteracy ”is the basis of angry and silent community frustration unaddressed in majority-minority communities.

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“Wealth, Wisdom, Work” Timothy J Rand, SWACLO Chairman

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The  South Area Civic League of Chicago-our organization was founded by volunteers in an unheated room of a South Side University in 2014.


We were the first to promote Senior Citizens Tuition-free education and paid impoverished student fees at a South Side University.  Brought in Fresh Food from Local and Southern farms and connected  Jazz concerts, Kwanzaa, Soccer, and  Bungalow improvement to southside neighborhoods.  We brought voter registration closer to contiguous communities.  Just so you know we are committed ..we are back but stronger. 

Just as we were ready to open the doors to our neighbors our fight turned into huge public demonstrations.  Along with the African American Male Resource Center and Center for Hispanic Action, we fought for teachers to keep open schools then later to shut an expressway down to keep college doors open to students.  Halted by austere Republican governance and now a pandemic we refuse to give up. Please join us.  Our name changed to embrace our long-time West Side partners. Unity across communities has improved their socio-emotional outcomes. We are all in this march towards better lives together.

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